Smoke Shop

We changed our name but not what we do!

Our Smoke Shop is still here and still focused on carrying the best cannabis accessories made and available in Canada!

In addition to beautiful handmade functional glass from established and emerging Canadian makers and glass artists, we also carry an extensive selection of Canadian cannabis accessories brands, including:

Futo Dugouts  |   BRNT Designs   |   Canadian Lumber   |   Low Clouds Hemp Wraps   |   Hazo Rolling Papers   |   East Coast 420   |   Eco Four Twenty  |  Doobtool   |   Eves of Eden   |   DC Clear   |   Green Goddess Cleaner  |  Arizer Tech   |   Hi Guy Glass  |  Infyniti Scales

You can also find high quality cannabis accessories from other international brands, such as:

RAW   |   Juicy Jays   |   Kannastor   |   Sharpstone   |   Santa Cruz Shredders   |   Randy’s   |   Pulsar   |   Orange Chronic   |   Elements   |   DLX   |   Pure Hemp   |   Smoking   |   OCB