In Store

At Mountain Grass, our focus is to bring together the finest collection of functional glass, handmade by local and Canadian artists, makers, and production studios. Our roster of artists is always growing!

Mark Gibeau

Southern Alberta

  • Mark Gibeau - Wavy lip vases

Robyn Weatherley

Southern Alberta

  • Robyn Weatherley - Pineapple Air Plant Holders

Sweet C Designs

Southern Alberta

  • Sweet C Designs - Glacial Plate

Narc Glass & Wildfire Productions

West Kootenays, British Columbia

  • Wildfire Productions - Spine Chillers, Dabbers, Carb Caps

Gibson’s Glassworks

British Columbia

  • Gibson's Glassworks - Spotted Bong and Gibcycler

Prairie Pipes

West Kootenays, British Columbia

  • Prairie Pipes - Spoons and Bubbles

Notorious Glassworks


  • Notorious Glassworks - Rigs

Lumel Studios

Whitehorse, YT

  • Lumel Studios - Northern Lights Series

Kahuna Glass

Vancouver, BC

  • Kahuna Glass - Scalien Recycler (detail)

Jemma Van Osch

Vancouver, BC

  • Jemma Van Osch - Bottles

Grave Goods

Calgary, AB

  • Grave Goods - British Columbia Cannabis Plate

Solid Flow Glass

Okanagan, BC

  • Solid Flow Glass - Spoon Pipes

Melony Stieben

Cochrane, AB

  • Melony Stieben - Frit Vase

Skullfish Glass

Vancouver, BC

  • Skullfish Glass - Skullrach Mini with Glow Bee (detail)

Bonny Houston

Calgary, AB

  • Bonny Houston - Birds

Great White Glass

Edmonton, AB

  • Great White Glass - Sherlocks

Grassblower Glass

New Brunswick

  • Grassblower Glass- Flasks

Ed Colberg


  • Ed Colberg - Grizzly Bear

Green Belt Glass


  • Green Belt Glass - Mini Tubes

Pied Piper Glass


  • Pied Piper Glass - Coloured Tube, Marble Detail

Nicole Tremblay

Canmore, AB

  • Nicole Tremblay - Aurora Borealis

Campfire Glassworks

Calgary, AB

  • Campfire Glass - Bong detail

Shine Glassworks

Winnipeg, MB

  • Shine Glassworks - Fancy Bent Neck Glow Tube