Year: 2019

Mountain Grass Turns One – Let’s Blow Some Glass!

That’s right, October marks one year of Mountain Grass being up and running!

We spent quite a bit of time trying to decide the best way to commemorate our first year of sharing our love of functional glass with Kimberley, BC, and we finally figured it out!  After almost an entire year of operation, we reflected on what we thought our customers would like, and we just kept returning to the same spot – glassblowing.

With no exception, the most common thing we get asked about is glassblowing – where can someone do it, where can they watch, if they want to try their hand at it where can they go?  Well, if you’re in Kimberley, from October 17 – 27, 2020, you won’t have to go anywhere!

We’ve decided the best way to celebrate a year of selling functional glass is to bring the magical art of glassblowing right here to Kimberley!  So we teamed up with our good friends at Glass House Xperience to make it happen!

Glass House Xperience is a unique mobile glassblowing studio, the only one of its kind in Canada.  They travel across Western Canada teaching workshops and sharing the exciting art of glassblowing.

Glass House Xperience will be joining us at Mountain Grass October 17 – 27, 2020, parked in our back lot, behind 349 Spokane Street. During their time in Kimberley, they will be offering short ‘Taste of Glass‘ classes, which give participants the opportunity to try their hand at making a cup or paperweight, and there are also Water Pipe classes.  In this longer offering, participants will be able to make their own functional water pipe.

Kids can get in on the action too, with shorter classes, perfect for your little person to try making an ornament!

You can register for classes online, or come by Mountain Grass to sign up in store!

Don’t wait too long – this is going to be a popular event and classes will sell out!  Register today, or come by Mountain Grass for more info!


About the Artist: Robyn Weatherley

One of the very first artists who agreed to this wacky Mountain Grass idea was my dear friend Robyn Weatherley. Robyn and I first met in a mandatory Drawing class while completing our undergraduate degrees at the Alberta University of the Arts (back when it was still ACAD!).  She was going to major in Photography or Design, and I was going to major in Painting or Jewelry.

Air Plant Holders from Mountain Grass artist Robyn Weatherley

We also took our first glassblowing class together the following semester, and thusly the best laid plans fell by the wayside.  For the record, I’m awfully glad they did; while I have no doubt that Robyn would have accomplished no shortage of amazing things in virtually any material, her blown glass is some of the most unique we have in the gallery.

Fat bottomed bowls from Robyn Weatherley – some with murrine trapped in the glass

The thing I love most about this body of work is how it explores weight and optics.  From a thick bottom emerges a delicate vessel; inside the bowls, little chunks of colour are trapped, spilling their hues around the edge, and beyond the vessel themselves.  They’re quite exquisite when the light passes through them, their width permitting illuminating ripples that extend beyond the dimensions of the bowl’s edges. The way they look from the top is not how they look from the side.  

The side view of these bowls from Robyn Weatherley provides a better idea of how beautifully the appearance of the murrine is manipulated by the optics of the glass – they don’t appear the same from the side as from a top view

In Robyn’s drinking vessels, this same dynamic allows for a glass that has weight to it, while still being thin and delicate for your lips to touch. Not extending the glass from the fat bottom of the vessels all the way to the lips also ensures the delicate texture of the powdered colour remains – giving places for your fingers to rest and play.

Gorgeous stemless wine glass sets from Robyn Weatherley

Robyn holds a BFA from Alberta University of the Arts and an MFA from Tyler School of Art; we are thrilled to have her work here at Mountain Grass!