Functional Glass?

You’ll be hard pressed to find a super clear definition, but historically functional glass is that which can be smoked out of – bongs, bubblers, pipes, rigs.

Like these rigs from Notorious Glassworks

It’s a bit of a strange definition though, no?  Especially when, if you consider an average day of your life, you probably come across glass everywhere – your windows, your eyeglasses, the things you drink out of, or store things in.  Are those things not a function as well?

These bowls by Robyn Weatherley can hold all kinds of things – also a function!

That’s why, here at Mountain Grass, we’ve decided that definition is just too limiting, so we aren’t going to use it.  As far as we are concerned, functional glass is any which has a use – a vase to hold your flowers, a candle holder to light up your room, a bowl for your fruit, a tumbler for drinking, or yes, a pipe for smoking.

Like these ones from Prairie Pipes

So now that we have that out of way, where does all this glass come from?

This is another way we are doing things differently – all the functional glass we carry here at Mountain Grass is handmade, right here in Canada.  When you make a purchase at Mountain Grass, you are helping Canadian makers and artists to keep making! You are helping moms and dads to feed their kids, emerging artists to continue being inspired to make, and designers to keep imagining and fabricating amazing glass creations.  

Like this exquisite Northern Lights series of wine tumblers and beer glasses from Lumel Studios

You need all this stuff anyways, why not get it made with care and attention from a talented Canadian?

Come and see what we’ve got in store – our inventory is ever changing and evolving, and we are always seeking new amazing glass art and artists to bring in!

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